Henrietta Lacks, with Deepest Respect and Gratitude

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    To Ms. Henrietta Lacks (a poor black woman in her 30's at the time) and to her family, a heartfelt THANK YOU.

    Although medical researchers involved in her case appear not to have asked for or received her permission to harvest tumor cells in order to carry out this lifesaving research, Ms. Lacks' and her family have MY family's deepest appreciation and gratitude for her momentous service to mankind.

    Although it is shocking and offensive in the extreme today, back in the 50's it was standard practice to simply take the cells from another human's cancerous tumor without the patient's knowledge or permission and to use those cells for medical research.

    They (doctors and researchers) didn't think anything of it. Cancerous tumors were just so much medical waste that was going to be incinerated anyway. By comparison to today's standard practice(s)~~where we obtain permission for literally everything, up to and including permission to use latex gloves vs non-latex gloves.

    Ms. Lacks' harvested tumor cells and the consequential research resulted in saving the lives of untold hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Even though medical science was unable to save Ms. Lacks, she left behind the ultimate legacy. Cures and vaccines for life threatening disease.

    How amazing. Even though it was not planned on Ms. Lacks' part, I could only hope to leave behind such an important mark on mankind. :clap2:

    To read more on Ms. Lacks, go here: How One Woman's Cells Changed Medicine - ABC News

    At any rate, thank you Ms. Lacks for your hugely important contribution to mankind

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