Health Care: Why both parties have it wrong!

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    Both political parties have health care completely wrong. Both are looking at it as political gain and are not really examining what their policies have or haven't done.

    Democrats want a public option, but if it is created in the same format as a health care company, then it won't be an improvement.

    No offense, but I'm not clear what the Republicans want besides "Not Obama".


    First, the government has the power to set guidelines. The entire reason companies can't work across state lines is to soak as much money out of the system as possible. That keeps companies from working together, except when they lobby together.

    Second, the government needs to look at what works when creating its policies.

    The VA is displayed as a model of efficiency (compared to the health care companies) because they have central data base for every branch of health care - neurology, pediatrics, etc. All doctors contribute to that data base and statistical analysis guides doctors as to what procedures to us and set guidelines.

    In other words, they know what medicines work and the therapies work because they have thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of similar cases to compare it to.

    If the government would legislate that the health care companies pool their data, and buy medicines in bulk, and work together to create guidelines, with some government, you would slash unnecessary surgeries and slash cost and promote effective procedures.

    Add wellness incentives and you could totally reform heath care.

    Expecting a political solution is the road to ruin.

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