health care organized by political party?

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    Question: Since the reform polices on health care were visibly divided along political party lines, what do you think of this concept -- to organize the health care policies by political affiliation and party? So Democrats and constituents who agree with funding it that way form an exchange system; Republicans and conservatives who disagree can organize and manage their own private network; Greens and single payer people can set up their ideal system; and people who do not affiliate or cannot get help through these other groups can either go through a charity or a public system that agrees to cover that population. This system could also accommodate Christian Scientist or other religious differences over health care. As long as everyone is covered somewhere, it does not discriminate; people would be free to choose how to affiliate to represent and organize their policies that way.

    The governments would stay out of it, except where people choose to be under that and agree on the policy to apply to that sector.

    (For the charity/government system I recommend assessing restitution owed to taxpayers state by state from crime or corruption, reclaiming assets including money or facilities as under RICO, and applying that to public health care, including offering paid scholarships in medical education to interns who agree to serve voluntarily in public health through such a cooperative system, that can be set up either as charity, education or government, etc. And using resources/labor owed as restitution for immigration/labor violations to construct military and teaching hospitals to help vets and disabled people in need of assisted care)

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