Health Care and American Ignorance

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    Why is it that the mention of a Government health system sends the average American running for his guns. Given the fact that the average American has quite happily allowed Governments past and present to spend trillions on illegal wars, billions in freebies to banks, billions in free money to Israel why the sudden outrage.

    In all those past activities the Government has taken from the people and the people have rejoiced in it. Yet when the times comes for the Government to do the Government thing, that is to look after its people said people start screaming from the rooftops that its wrong.

    Wrong for whom, if you have money or lots of health insurance then its not a problem, but given the fact that the bulk of the population do not why the outburst about uniform health care for all if you can afford it or not. The system works in many other nations so why not America, what do the people fear. I mean the nation needs such a plan so why fight it, but just where were all these outraged people on 9/11, or Waco, or all the carpet bagging of trillions over the years, where were all these people then.

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