Having a party 90% white has made the GOP forget "Basic Politics 101"

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    Bill O'Reilly went on a rant lamenting the loss of "traditional" America. Meaning "white" America no longer being the ultimate power in the country.

    Obama didn't win by much, so it would seem. But take a second look. Republicans pulled out all the stops. Voter suppression. A billion dollars. A super energized base. Constant barrage of lies. Attacks on Obama's family, faith, patriotism and any person he has ever known. They left nothing untouched.

    Many Democrats didn't vote. They never vote. They don't feel their vote means anything. They didn't practice voter suppression. They didn't send out tens of thousands of people to intimidate voters at the polls. And still they won by millions.

    This is called, "The changing face of America".

    And it's here that Republicans "don't get it".

    Republicans think the Democratic Party "panders" to blacks. Many right wingers on this very board have said, "I guess we will have to pander to Hispanics". Because Republicans still see themselves as the "white" party dispensing "favors" to unfortunate and needy minorities. Well, that's not the way politics works. You can't dispense enough favors to attract enough people. And those people you are attracting, you wouldn't want anyway.

    The current Republican Party is summed up in this great commentary:

    I’m not talking about the Republican Party that was created in the 1850s by opponents of slavery. That GOP was trampled to death by the herds of anti-civil rights Democrats, social conservatives and money-grubbers that started swelling the Republican Party’s ranks in the 1960s.
    Since then, the core of the Grand Old Party has consisted mainly of those who oppose the social and cultural changes the civil rights movement ushered in, and greedy plutocrats who seek to profit from such intolerance. This eclectic group has been joined by the Tea Partiers, a collection of small-government, anti-tax, no-compromising political activists. Through all these groups membership is nearly all white.

    Demographics will doom Republican Party - Chicago Sun-Times

    To see what the Republican Party needs to do, they only need to look at the Democratic Party. There is no "Group of Liberal Democrats" that control the party and give out "rewards" to minorities as a favor for their votes. The Democratic Party is a true Coalition Party. Blacks and whites and Hispanics and many others all working together. Joined together by issues they can agree on. Many right wingers point out that there are black preachers and ministers who can't stand gay people. In fact, seem to actually hate the gays. But there they are, voting together in the same party and working together for the good of their own constituents and for the good of the country.

    Republicans go one about the Democratic Party being the party of "hand outs". But that is an argument that can so very easily be turned on them. Who gets the majority of "farm subsidies"? In which states are the greatest centers of research, learning and innovation located? Which states have the most manufacturing and wealth? Those things haven't happened by accident. They take people working together and hard work. Look at the Red and Blue map. Which states get the bulk of their money from the other side? We all know the answer to these questions.

    Republicans have got to stop seeing themselves as the "overseers" to the minorities. They truly believe they are better than everyone else. They aren't.

    Unless Republicans start negotiating with other groups to build a coalition, they won't win another presidential election.

    OK right wingers. Let the names begin.
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