Have We Gone Too Far Or Does Someone Still Have To Pay?

Discussion in 'Middle East - General' started by newsports, Nov 30, 2003.

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    After reading this article in which an Algerian man cleared of any wrong doing or association with the terrorist attacks of 9-11, has been kept locked away for months even after a judge deemed him no threat, I have to wonder about the validity of the claims that this is "thwarting terrorism"

    Recently an American General proclaimed in a filmed revival meeting, that George Bush was placed in his position by God, and that what he his doing is fighting on behalf of Jesus. Many times throughout this "war on terror", U.S. officials have described their mission as a fight against evil or satan.

    It beginning to seem as though the argument that the Bush administration and the hawks that masterminded the motives for these attacks, did so as judeo/Christian soldiers against islam and rather than Civil Servants protecting the American people from preseved threats.

    In this article the Algerian born pilot, was sent back to the US by Canadian officials after he'd asked for asylum once his visa had run out. Once Canadian officials determined he was possessing fruaduland papers he was sent back to the US, post 9-11.

    Once the realization that an Arabic, Muslim, awol Algerian fighter pilot had been picked up, clearly all the red flags went up. As one of the judges stated it would have been incompotent had he not been investigated by the US. The problem is not how he was found or that he was detained, but the reality that it has been some 26 months and he still remains in prison.

    I'm no lawyer but the article states that for months after the Judges said he should be released the officials simply didnt tell him nor did they let him out. National security is paramount in these types of cases, but at what point must we conclude its gone to far?

    Should persons cleared of any crimes be allowed to be placed in solitary confinement indefinitely?

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    :) People do not learn much from history. Crowd psychology makes it different, then what we know dealing with individuals, which sometimes named intellectuals. All this will roll back after more deaths in Iraq and more money spent. Of course, our presence in Iraq will be beneficial for Iraq, but it will not benefit our country and people. Sixty percent Iraqi Shiite population will undo any attempts to establish a democracy there. Bush popped up in the right time and in the right place for his mission, but it does not make him any more attractive as a president. If not 9/11, what he could do for his country?
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    Bottom line, he is illegal.

    "He remains behind bars, awaiting a deportation hearing, unable to post a $25,000 bond."

    He could have been out a long time ago had he been able to post bond.

    Fighting terrorism ANYWHERE ultimately benefits every person in the world.

    I don't know why I bother replying to you as you never reply, you seem content at posting your views without expectation of dissent.

    What has Bush done? Let's start with the economy. How do you feel about the USA's current economical state? We can move on if you even bother to reply at all.

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