Have we been Geopolitically Punk'd?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Big Fitz, Feb 27, 2011.

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    It's never a pleasant feeling that I have when Obama says something agree with.

    Obama says Gadhafi must leave Libya 'now' - Yahoo! News

    But now, here's the thing that bothers me: who's Gadaffi 'leaving power' for? Political nature abhors a vacuum, so who's going to take over? Gadaffi, as much as a rat bastard as he's been the last 40+ years or so... it's a net positive if he leaves power. A big coup for Obama if this happens on his watch, the same way it was for Reagan to slap that overgrown Barbary pirate back in his place.

    The problem lies in who's ready to take over: Islamic radicals. This is why I feel like we've been Punk'd. The timing and 'coincidence' of all the islamic world screaming 'peace, freedom and a few less fat bastards eating all the pie' is very very very suspect. And then P-BO coming out in favor with the protests, with allegations of being involved in helping orchestrate it has me very nervous.

    When one structure is dumped, there is almost always another ready to go, OR the one most fit to step up. Right now, Wahabbist inspired thugs and terrorists, combined with the slime pushing for world socialism have organized together, as shown in Egypt with many of it's signs written in ENGLISH for the sake of western audiences, are in a prime position to do that.

    Then why is it also that "suddenly" in the US, the Public Sector Unions, as if by some weird solidarity have gone off. Sure in some regards, this was caused by an effort to finally regain control over government spending, and unions are the first and best places to cut back and force control.

    So... Although I agree with Obama on this point... why do I feel like we have been set up, and this is finally endgame or at least in the plans of many organizations who dream of the end of the west?

    None of this feels right.

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