Hateful Trumpish candidate for president in Brazil

Discussion in 'Latin America' started by xyz, Apr 19, 2018.

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    This guy is horrible, he attacks women, blacks, indigenous people, foreigners, praises dictators and more.
    Trump of the tropics: the 'dangerous' candidate leading Brazil's presidential race

    Actually he's even worse than Trump.

    I don't see how so many completely repugnant personalities are winning elections nowadays. For example corrupt millionaire Andrej Babis, who is now Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. As well as foul-mouthed pro-Russian Czech president Milos Zeman, who has actually been in politics for a long time, but recently won with a very dirty campaign. Those are just some examples, you could examine other campaigns such as in Kenya and India.

    In my opinion, elections worldwide are being manipulated by a certain group of people, many of whom have ties with or worked for Cambridge Analytica, but keep changing the name and details of the company(-ies) they work for.

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