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    Note: If anyone is offended by talk of true Christian faith, you may go ahead and click on another thread.

    2009 has come and nearly gone. It was a year that will hold memories both good and bad. I usually remember the good, and forget the bad. As I was growing up there were many bad, or negative events in my life, but I cannot remember them. I remember the good, and usually see the good even in the bad. (Romans 8:28)

    Through the days, weeks, and months of this year I can see how God was working so many things together to make something good. Over and over I discovered that He was really there all the time. There were miracles, things that can only be explained in terms of God did it. He works in awesome ways even when He doesn’t do what would be called a miracle. One has to be a true believer to see and receive as a personal gift, the wonderful things God does. However, anyone can see God's wonderful work, and reve,ation, if they will look.

    Looking at the roller coaster ride that was called 2009, I have to say that I have some regrets. I said things I should not have said. I did things that I wish I could change. I was blinded by selfishness at times when I should have noticed the need of those around me. There is no way to take those things back, but because I do seek God’s will, He knows how to work those things out for good. The awesome thing is that I get to see Him do that.

    Yes, 2009 is nearly passed, and I am ready to walk with God into a new year, a new decade. There is hope. There is awesome anticipation of that which God will be doing. I am ready to step into the days ahead with faith, and I pray that my faith will be stronger than it was in 2009.

    God is awesome, and I pray that He will shine His wonderful light through me in the days ahead.

    God bless you all, and happy new year.

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