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    These handouts need to stop. These liberals need to quit asking for "Middleclass" happiness. I mean, seriously, what makes them think they deserve liveable wages, and retirement? And healthcare? Yeah right! Its no human's right to be healthy. Truthfully, if your not worth at least a million, what makes you believe you deserve to go through life completely healthy? Don't you realize your a second rate human being?

    About taxes. RICH PEOPLE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY ANY TAXES... EVER! Its not like any of them have ever used any of the resources, roads, educational systems, ect to make their money. THEY EARNED THEIR MONEY! The Koch brothers worked hard to inherit their billion. So what if they benefited from Stalin starving millions of people? and the wal street execs really put in the hours to rip off your pensions, and sign off on the sub prime mortgages that ultimately put you out on the streets.

    And unions... oh god the terrible unions! These rich teachers and their overinflated salaries of $25,000.00 a year have bankrupted this country! If these unions retain any bargaining rights, their salaries might increase to... $26,000.00 a year! That would just cripple our budgets! And police... what do they really do besides get shot at and protect us from murderers, drug dealers, and robbery? Firefighters? Is running into a burning building and risking your life that big of a deal? I think not! Its time this group of people take some pay cuts, and actually work for a change!

    And just to clarify, 2 trillion dollars given to big banks from the hands of the taxpayers, just so each of the failing CEOs could reward themselves with billions in bonuses is NOT a hand out!

    The sale of powerhouses, and water plants to billionaires for extremely low prices (By the way, these are only available to the super rich, so don't even try it bitches!) once again, NOT A HANDOUT!

    Tax cuts for the rich, and increases for the poor... NOT A HANDOUT!

    Quit asking for handouts! Just because you work 40+ hours a week (Usually more) doesn't mean you deserve freebies such as middleclass wages, and benefits? I mean, if we gave into this nonsense, the rich billionaires and millionaires might have to give up a little bit. These poor poor rich people, who have been ripped off by the middle class for years, might have to give up some of their private jets, giant homes, or maybe even million dollar art collections that they need. And for what? Affordable healthcare for the lazy factory workers, miners, firefighters, teachers, police, mill workers, laborors ect ect? These people need to learn to work harder! They are not giving enough!

    And before I leave you, the working class really needs to learn to sacrifice, and become more competitive. There are workers in other countries working for three dollars a day! Maybe you should too! And before you say it, THE RICH DO NOT NEED TO SACRIFICE! They work entirely too hard for that type of treatment.

    Thank you.

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