Hammer & Harley: NY Demon Exorcism (Trump-TV?)

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    Take two eerie DC Comics urban villains, Mr. Hammer (a brutish clown who wields a sledgehammer) and Harley Quinn (a clown-costumed hellraiser who also wields a hammer), and consider why they'd be pitted in a storyline about modern urban mayhem in a comic book or a comics-adapted film like Gotham (Fox TV).

    Do you feel that President Donald Trump cares about the everyday daydreams of pedestrians? What're his favorite movies? Does he like comic books? Was he a fan of Simon & Simon, The A-Team, or Knight Rider?

    Americans love folklore about crime-fighting and vigilantism, but does President Trump care about such pedestrian imagination?

    Consider this following 'terrorism fan-fiction' about Mr. Hammer and Harley Quinn (Hammer & Harley) creating Veteran's Day terrorism in NYC. Would such a tale be a good theme for a modern urban crime-pensive program that President Trump would endorse?

    What exactly could be construed as Trump-TV?

    These are a few of Trump's favorite things --- BusinessInsider.com


    HAMMER: I don't want a 'sidekick.'
    HARLEY: You need an extra-hammer, Mr. Hammer.
    HAMMER: I don't need a sidekick, Harley!
    HARLEY: You think to narrowly; you need a chick!
    HAMMER: Oh, so you want to entreat my youthfulness.
    HARLEY: You're not sexy enough to become Billy-the-Kid.
    HAMMER: What're you gonna become...my girlfriend?
    HARLEY: Why not? Are you gay or somethin'?
    HAMMER: No, I'm not gay; alright, let me think about it.
    HARLEY: I'll give you one week, and then I'll return to the Joker.
    HAMMER: Oh, yes, the Joker --- your master and sovereign.
    HARLEY: I'm looking to defect, but not if you're not man enough.

    Mr. Hammer concluded rightly that Harley Quinn needed a new 'patron' for her interests in urban terrorism. She had long been a sidekick of the maniacal Joker, but perhaps Joker was being abusive towards her, forcing her to seek other patronage. However, Mr. Hammer had always worked alone. He wielded a terrible sledgehammer, which he used mercilessly to destroy cop cars, whether or not there were cops actually sitting inside the cars(!). Mr. Hammer didn't want a new 'ally' or sidekick, but he worried about Harley Quinn, because he harbored secret affections for her.

    Meanwhile, Harley Quinn designed a new sledgehammer-scheme for Veteran's Day. According to the 'plan,' Hammer and Harley would find parked cop-cars in NY on Veteran's Day and smash them to smithereens with their sledgehammers. Harley wrote up the terrorism 'proposal' and dropped it in the 'mailbox-slot' (the window opening) of Hammer's secret lair. When Hammer got home and read Harley's proposal, an eerie grin developed on his ugly clown-painted brutish face. Hammer decided he'd take on Harley as his official sidekick. Veteran's Day was two days away.

    HAMMER: You were outstanding, Harley...
    HARLEY: We smashed 15 cop-cars in all, Hammer!
    HAMMER: Are you happier with me than with the Joker?
    HARLEY: Oh, yeah, he's yesterday...Hammer is today.
    HAMMER: Well, I suppose we should celebrate our Veteran's Day success.
    HARLEY: You get champagne and I'll get the handcuffs.
    HAMMER: I'm very pleased you wanted to be my sidekick.
    HARLEY: Nah, you just appreciated my Veteran's Day terrorism-plot.
    HAMMER: I admit, that's what gave you the swing-vote in my heart.
    HARLEY: I'm sure the news is covering our 'successes' right now.
    HAMMER: I bet President Trump is watching the news at the White House!
    HARLEY: We're officially 'Veteran's Day celebrities,' Mr. Hammer...
    HAMMER: You're very attractive when you're so villainous, Harley.
    HARLEY: I knew I'd turn you on.
    HAMMER: Someday, we'll host our own television-program, in a 'new America.'
    HARLEY: When that day comes, I'll personally decapitate the Joker.
    HAMMER: Only in America can you find such...color.


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