Hamas is right in insisting on election guarantees

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    Hamas' demands for meaningful guarantees that would ensure free and fair elections, to be conducted throughout the occupied territories of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem as part of the national reconciliation process, have drawn some consternation among Palestinian Authority (PA) officials, especially Fatah leaders.

    Hamas' demands include guarantees that the elections must be conducted in East Jerusalem, which the Zionist regime considers an integral part of its "eternal and undivided capital."

    The Islamist liberation movements also demands guarantees against arbitrary arrest or detention by the Israeli occupation army which controls every nook and cranny in the West Bank as well as guarantees against flagrant interference with free campaigning and electioneering.

    Some PA officials have admitted that the Ramallah regime is in no position to give such guarantees since it has no real control on the ground.

    Well, if the PA can't give these manifestly logical guarantees for conducting free and transparent elections, then what is the point of holding such elections in the first place?

    Hamas is right in insisting on election guarantees

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