Gunmen, suicide bomber attack Chechen parliament and ministry building

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    At least six dead, including four attackers, after clash with security forces

    Gunmen storm Chechen government buildings - World news - Europe - Russia - staff and news service reports
    updated 10/19/2010 4:42:51 AM ET 2010-10-19T08:42:51

    Struggles with Islamist insurgency
    The Kremlin is struggling to contain a growing Islamist insurgency in the North Caucasus, a strip of impoverished, mainly Muslim provinces along predominantly Orthodox Christian Russia's southern border.

    For some reason the story didn't mention they were Muslim until 1/2 way through. :confused:

    Who do you route for in this situation?

    We know Russia is cruel. Any one that lived or served during the Cold War, can tell you that.
    The terrorist are murdering scum. Any one that remembers the USS Cole, or the Marine Barracs bombing can tell you that.

    Think I will route for the muslims on this one. B/c if they piss off russia, eventually Russia will start to pile up muslim bodies.

    It's a win - win for the free world.
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