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    Funny people, esp politicians, say sensible gun control and never give specifics here is what I desire:

    (1) A FOID card system that has annual requirements, but at the fed level: a. Mental Health exam by a private party, b. Criminal background check,
    c. Not on the no but list(s)
    d. Mandatory training.
    e. For high license level soundness and safety checks
    f. Etc

    (2) Different licensing level requirements, scrutiny increases with each level and is on the FOID card DB.
    a. Novelist: Single shot hunting rifle and 2 shot ski shotgun
    b. Increase novelist: Semi auto rifle and shotgun - not high power
    c. Handgun defense: ownership of handguns should have a higher level of scrutiny than rifles.
    d. Conceal carry permit
    e. Concealable mini-guns
    f. High power rifles
    g. Fully auto - yes I believe a person should be able to obtain a fully auto gun, but must meet the highest level of scrutiny

    (3) No buy list, with a arbitrator appeal
    system. This is held by a private third party company, like the credit bureaus. Every gun purchase must run through the list and show proof thereof. Records must be check for a 5 yr period. Once on the list person can’t buy or own guns. The person must turn in gun for free of charge storage until off the list.

    The no buy lists:
    a. Mental disturbed list. There are many people that are diagnosed with mental disease or antisocial behavior and no criminal backgrounds. We need to keep guns out of their hands. A list should be compiled to prevent them from obtaining guns.

    b. Known gang or terrorist group: yes I am well aware of the slippery slope here. But keeping guns from them are very important.

    c. Domestic abuse or stalker list: if you are convicted of domestic abuse or stalking you shouldn’t have guns.

    (4) Temporary no buy lists:
    a. Active restraining order with temp confiscation. If a judge approves a RO with confiscation. Then the defendants goes on this temp no buy until the end of the RO. ROs are usu temporary.
    b. Divorce proceedings: A divorce usu never goes smoothly and emotions run high. During the proceedings and 6 months thereafter. The parties go on the list. Note: both the parties may agree via written accord to waive this measure.

    (5) Increase punishment
    a. On a list and own guns 5 yr minimum
    b. Violation of no sell list by seller
    - negligence: $25k first instance, $100k second and suspended license 3rd
    - gross negligence or intentional: suspension of license and possible criminal charges
    c. $25k fine for owning guns outside of license
    d. Illegal sale or straw man sale is a 15 yr minimum sentence

    (6) Gun register database. All guns must be registered be entered into the database and registers to the owner.

    (7) Allow stop and frisk and disallow states from passing laws against it

    If you are a law abiding citizen your gun rights are protected, but maybe we can keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the insane.

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