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    Local buddy of musicman's, Scotty Anderson. Scotty has been named one of the 5 best guitarists in the country.
    As a boy, Scotty & Chet Atkins use to play guitar on the porch.
    The link to follow on Eric Johnson's site is in the first post, Steve Adelson video. It uses Quick Time.

    Once when Mm was playing with a band Scotty came out to hear him. Mm wanted Scotty to get up & play. As with most musicians the rest roll their eyes and brace themselves for the hard road ahead of trying to make some yokel sound good & tolerate their ineptness.

    During a break, the lead guitarist asks Scotty, "Think you can play Flight of the Bumblebee?"
    "Don't know; never tried"
    With that, Scotty picks up his guitar and plays the piece,flawlessly. When he finished, he put down his guiar & said, :Yep, guess I can".
    They let him up on stage.

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