Grifters On Parade

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    "The '90s were the peak of the political correctness craze, which was centered in American academia. At the time, you had to be something apart from white, male, and straight to get ahead in the academic world. The higher the identity tokens were stacked -- African, Arab, immigrant, gay, disabled, transsexual, and so on, ad infinitum -- the greater the benefits (there were a lot of jokes about this at the time). Warren, already female, decided to throw in the Indian card as well to trump the competition. The record shows that she played it for all it was worth, aiming war arrows at the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, and a number of professional associations, as well as reasserting the claim in print in her cousin's damnfool cookbook. And until only weeks ago, it worked out well for her. Warren achieved the highest academic positions, served as advisor to the president, and was a candidate for a powerful federal position, and now she has a shot at the U.S. Senate. All of this is based on a single untruth about her ethnic background. Clearly, Warren is something of a poster girl for affirmative action.

    Warren may also have given us the key to the Obama records conundrum. Obama was making his way through the Ivies at roughly the same time as Warren, during the period when PC was becoming dominant. He dealt with exactly the same environment on exactly the same terms, as a privileged minority among many such, seeking any extra edge available to him. Obama was black -- at least in part -- which represents the hole card as regards diversity, trumping feminism, sexuality, and almost any brand of foreign origin. We know he played that to the hilt. But there were plenty of other blacks breaking into academia at the time. Obama faced a lot of competition, the same as Warren did from other females. But Obama, also like Warren, possessed another card. That is...if you didn't look too closely.

    That was the Kenya connection. It's quite likely he didn't even have to make the claim explicitly. In the atmosphere of the time, educational institutions were desperate to pad the roster by any and every means in order to demonstrate their "diversity." All that Obama needed to do was simply mention that his father was a Kenyan political personality, and well-programmed academic functionaries would fill in the rest. From that point on, all that was required of young Obama was to silently agree. Everybody knew that Barack Obama was Kenyan. I mean, with a name like that?

    What would status as a foreigner, an African in particular, buy him in the academic environment? Authenticity, over and above all. As an African, Obama embodied something that American blacks could not claim. He was a serious third-worlder, in the pure Frantz Fanon sense, within a milieu where third-world figures are automatically granted sainthood. And beyond that, it may very likely have resulted in financial rewards, in the form of grants or scholarships (his father, after all, was a beneficiary of such a program). Without opening the records, we will never know......"

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