Green Arrow/Leatherface: TrumpUSA Disaster

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    This is a modernism TrumpUSA parable inspired by My Fellow Americans.

    Cheers (Signing off),



    American socialite Oliver Queen went to an island and meditated on the wisdom of isolationism as well as social civics patriotism. Oliver decided to return to America as a super-archer democracy-defender vigilante named Green Arrow (donning an appropriate crime-fighting 'costume'). Arrow/Queen was a valiant advocate of capitalism-related democracy methodology (e.g., World Bank, European Union, TrumpUSA), but he was not sure about the Trump Administration. Specifically, Arrow was concerned that Trump (America's first celebrity-president since Ronald Reagan, who regrettably gave us Reaganomics) was too immersed in commercialism-culture in his past to be a ethics-driven globalization-conscious social leader.

    Arrow nevertheless prowled the streets of American areas, looking for terrible anti-social monsters to tackle. He found one in Texas, a 'Leatherface' (fictional chainsaw-wielding cannibal from the iconic Texas Chainsaw Massacre horror-film franchise) copycat who was wielding a chainsaw, wearing a mask made out of the human skin of his victims, and wielding a chainsaw to wreak havoc! Arrow chased around Leatherface for a whole year, but the psycho achieved a 12-person killing-spree across the American West and in Texas. Arrow knew Leatherface was the Devil himself and want to ensure America he could be caught (somehow). Finally, the two confronted each other in the Pine Barrens, when Arrow deduced the killer would terrorize campers there in the summer of 2018 (during the World Cup soccer tournament in Russia).

    ARROW: I will put an end to your insanity...
    LEATHERFACE: I'm a by-product of corrupt civilization!
    ARROW: You're a criminal, nothing more.
    LEATHERFACE: I'm a messenger of Hellfire.
    ARROW: Modern capitalism (Wall Street) is an Inferno.
    LEATHERFACE: That's why we have NASDAQ.
    ARROW: We can celebrate Facebook and as network trophies!
    LEATHERFACE: Sure, but Internet-hackers are the new terrorists...
    ARROW: That's true, however, Yale professors are curious about 'tech-archaeology.'
    LEATHERFACE: Engineering is fascinating, but I prefer pornography.
    ARROW: There's something intriguing about 'luxury-ballet.'
    LEATHERFACE: There's nothing 'pedestrian' about gadgets/toys.
    ARROW: I like the thin colored Apple iBooks that were released with the iMacs (1999).
    LEATHERFACE: Those iBooks were under-valued, but they'll be collector's items!
    ARROW: Your chainsaw is a hardware store merchandising 'Golem.'
    LEATHERFACE: I'm not Hebrew...
    ARROW: TrumpUSA might remind people of 'sinless casinos.'
    LEATHERFACE: Atheism must have a place in this 'modern world.'



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