Great Tribute to Today's Moms

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    For All the Moms Fighting for Their Kids
    By Tom Purcell for
    Sunday, May 8, 2005

    Here's to mom, whose job never done is harder now than ever,
    The result, no doubt, of her furious bout with the worldly and the clever.

    Her morning starts as hell breaks loose to get her family going,
    With food and clothes and schedules to keep, cause mom is the all-knowing.

    Her first concern is that her kids will learn to dress in a manner proper,
    No Britney Spears or clothes with tears for tots or teenyboppers.

    But there's little time for mom to pine over such minor daily worries,
    With our culture keeping her children fed with garbage in endless flurries.

    Her kids she must hide from the vermin outside--the pervs, deadbeats and other creeps,
    But now, for sure, like never before, she has no way to lock her door.

    Her newest threat is the Internet, where the pervs, deadbeats and other creeps are luring her children to a place to meet.

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