Great Socialist Stimulus Works Worldwide: No Double-Dip!

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    So even in the United States the usual 3.0% annual growth rate is projected at International Monetary Fund. Other nations will do better. Other nations will do worse. The average is put at 4.6% World-Wide.

    IMF Survey: World Recovery Continues, But Risks Increase, Says IMF

    In a word, Socialist Market Interventions have worked wonderfully well, including the strange one from the Ivy League, USA. The Ivy League actually sent money to the state and local teachers and bureaucracies. Unable to see the forest for the trees, the very people who helped to a large extent, to actually cause it all: Got rewarded, in the Ivy League, USA, federal stimulus. Actual Kenynesian public works, became a kind of after-thought.

    The model of a first-time-ever, proper kind of National Cost-of-Living-Adjustment, (COLA), was advanced in the Refundable Income Tax Credit. Cash for Clunkers was itself, again, an equal-dollar-kind of stimulus, like the COLA Model, Refundable Income Tax Credit.

    So in the first year, actual productive economics got half the attention. In year two, then the non-productive half gets left to fail. "Analysts" claim that means that Ivy League stimulus was over last year(?)! Even banks are coming to be back in business--having been Republican instead, for many years.

    Again: Were the Republican's Party at all, in fact for housing for employed and working individuals: Then TARP would have not been sent, especially, to provide more bonuses for bankers. The "Troubled Assets" could be taken out and shot on their own! The Great Socialist Credit Market accepts a great deal of failure. And so it had to do so again, between the TARP creation, and the Ivy League.

    More likely the fuel, along the Gulf Coast, was sent in by the Ivy League: To ignite what General Sherman had failed to achieve when Lincoln was in office. The President from the Ivy League, does like to emphasize his personal connectivity, to the Lincoln Administration. It's an "embarrassment" kind of "thang" with those people.

    Actually, it had even showed up, even before the Gulf Spill happened!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (And so the planet of "love" gets underway again! Two people come to a common embrace, and advise the rest of the planet to go to hell, like is taught in the schools and the houses of worship! The active penis between the loins phenomenon, then occurs: On the basis that hell is what love intends after all--unconcerned about any other people on the planet!)

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