Great Socialist Spending & Income Saying "Non" To Party Of "No!"

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    French socialized medicine is famously more expensive than English socialized medicine. French socialized medicine actually works!

    In North America, in the United States, Government Motors helped pry some of the hoarded loot that consumers now have, thanks to the great Socialist Stimulus money from the Democrats.

    News Headlines

    The Republican Party, anti-business as is usual, opposed the concept of a health care exchange that can work, right after opposing the concept of paying customers in the stores and showrooms of Main Street.

    Famously, the Tea Party of the GOP, is on the side of the Republcan Wall Street Bonsuses for Bankers, which was supportive of TARP for the bankers only. The Democrats would have to oppose the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, and their kind even then

    There are, however, in the United States: Analysts. So getting into the anal about it: Nothing seems to work, anywhere, anymore: Especially in China--which holds a lot of U. S. Government--paper.

    Saying "No!" to the GOP is even in widespread fashion, worldwide: Until anyone visits the "homeland," rife with "Security" Agencies. These seem to pop up as legitimate federal spending when The Party of "No!" is in power!

    Anyone might wonder just what there is to hoard, anymore!

    "Crow: James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Soon even $200.0 bil. in U. S. Socialist Stimulus money will be. . . .Many squaws come to lands of many nations, to put shiny trinkets into slots of machines! Lots and Lots of slots, in lots of lots of machines will happen again. Only $85.0 bil. of $275.0 bil. of Recovery Stimulus had made it out of procurement process, as of August 11. That is a month before September 11--which happend when the Party of No was on vacation! Hmmm!)

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