Great Socialist Oil Spill Recovery Not A Tea Party!

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    Actually, in the May of general economic reverses, British Petroleum has a website showing actual clean-up progress, not generally being reported.

    Besides thousands of boats and. . .well. . .day laborers(?), there are estimates of 11.5 mil gallons of gusher oil recovered so far. There is a report of 11,600 claims already paid, out of 26,000 filed. There are 3.25 mil. feet of containment boom deployed. None of this had apparently been anticipated in the prvious administration. . . .which is probably the Clintons, all things considered.

    Update on Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill | Press release | BP

    The Coast Guard Admiral seems to have mentioned that actually the federal government doesn't have this sort of equipment on hand. What the Socialists had to do is contact the mega-giant corporation to get them engaged. Being properly British, they appear to have responded.

    Now, in real Socialism: Then the federal government itself ought to Be Prepared, or however it is the uniformed, Socialist, Corps for Males, Females, and Other, Offspring: Actually say it.

    The proper work of uniformed conformity is probably better-stated as doing environmental clean-up, as opposed to blowing up everyone, and everything else: To Bits!

    In America, the more proper editorial comment to note is that, "There's Never An Illegal Immigrant Around, When We Need Them(?)!"

    Isn't it time, for Arizona to lend a hand?

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Great Sitting Bull never granted Medal of Honor, Even: Who likely could explain what Yellow Hair could be doing at this time!)
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