Great Socialist Health Care Measures Widely Supported (Bloomberg)!

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    In the Bloomberg National Poll completed October 10, also finding the usual trend back to a Democratic plurality, and a statistically even Obama approval rate: Blooming also finds but doesn't report that National Health Care is overwelmingly approved!

    1. 47% want it repealed, with 42% wanting it kept! That is not the approval part.

    Item by item, when asked which provisions should be kept:

    1. 54% want the elimination of life-time kepts kept in the plan.
    2. 75% want the Insurance Companies prevented from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions. That is wanted to be kept in the plan!
    3. 60% want the public insurance exchanges concept kept in plan!
    4. 67% want the children kept on the plan to age 26 provision: Kept in the plan!
    5. 78% want the special plans for the super-sick provision kept in plan.
    6. 73% want the additional prescriptions medicines provision kept in plan.

    Taxes on mega-plans are not supported, and only 45% are for the requirement for everyone to have health insurance.

    Mostly, Republicans are not responding to the pluralities supportive of the Democrat's Plan.

    What the Democrats put in, and which the Republicans all opposed most adamantly: The Great Socialist Peoples Of America all want!

    Bloomberg doesn't seem to put that in the glossy, but it is in the link which cannot be copied, directly, itself.

    The usual Republican pictures of old, fat, White People were not in the Bloomberg Glossy, also in fact.

    Who will deny that Republicans are for full disclosure, just like in the matter Chamber of Commerce financial sources(?)! So anyone sees what is above: It's all a part of the Intelligent Design! Anyone has to mainly go to the RealClearPolitics site to even find the 2% trend advantage for the Democrats: Among the likely voters, in the Bloomberg Glossy.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (1492 Widely Known as Year Of First Terrorist Attack on America! Republicans "Bring It On" Later: With Great White Father In Washington--Of Equally Phony Great Spirit, War!)

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