Great Socialist Car Sales Victories Opposed By GOP--Mainly Keeping Bin Laden Free(?)!

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    Cry "Freedom!" for Osama bin laden, but no more jobs for auto-makers: Is the Record of Boehner-Cantor-McConnell-Bachman-Romney-Pawlenty-Paul-Paul, et. al.

    Now even thanks to socialist intervention--eliminating the Al Qaeda factor, of the Mideast Spring Revolutions--US Manufacturers can start to take the lead back in manufacturing!

    That was opposed by GOP. Even the shutdown in Minnesota, is praised by Pawlenty, who is more or less credited with having caused it, years ago.

    Michele Bachman has Name Recognition: Even on Fox Sunday Morning TV!

    GM, Ford June sales rise, Honda falls - Yahoo! Finance

    The correcton pause that has refreshed is over and the outcome is under way! When Obama-Biden outfoxed the cardinal--and the other cardinal, too(?), (Boehner's Ohio and McConnell's Kentucky have that in common--birds of a feather, that are red)--then the payroll tax holiday got the customers into the stores , and actually past all that. "That" included the gas hikes and parts shortages of the record otherwise winter.

    The Great Socialist interventions of Obama-Biden actually put humanity, USA, ahead of the planet: And even worldwide!

    Even Pakistan has noticed: Where so many phone lines are stored!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!)
    (Great Pakistani alliance--knows also how to arrest the usual suspects--So as to not interrupt the technical assistance calls!

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