Great Socialist Bank Intervention Now Profitable--Not Laissez Faire!

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    Thanks to the Obama-Biden Administration, Change You Can Believe In: The Great TARP intervention, into the failed families market place: Is in "The Black(?)!"

    Clever, how that is said(?), if they do(?)!

    Lying about Laissez Faire and "Free Markets," when only regulated markets can in fact exist, labels the Great Non-Happening, called the GOP of the Old, Fat, White People--Cavorting About Naked On Other People's Yachts--tossing substance and other treasure into the sea.

    The Great Prayers of the Prophet, The Reverend Jeremiah Wright, of South Chicago: Helped with Creating a more Christian, "Great Recession," capable of getting bailed out: With Great Christian Stimulus!

    Mainly, The GOP said, "No!" As soon as they could, in fact, they even tossed out the Great Great Christian Message of Matthew 20::1-16, known as Schedule M. Next year, it will not be in the tax forms.

    The Republicans will revert to Matthew 25::14-30, as is usual: Casting people into Outer Darkness, in the manner of the foreclosure crisis, caused by their families, personally and individually: Supportive of the older form law, un-changing.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!
    (Actually, Great Micawber, of Charles Dickens lore,actually, mainly understood the law: Better than the lawyers , and the judges, and the various other politicians!)
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