Govt again increased POL prices which is additional burden and give justify

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    Govt again increased POL prices which is additional burden and give justify

    Once again Govt increased the petroleum products prices by 15% for petrol and 18% for diesel and give justify that in the following countries petrol prices are as follows

    1. India Rs. 110 per Ltr Petrol
    2. Japan 144 - do –
    3. U K 178 - do –
    4. Germany 173 - do –

    Our Govt very clever and give good example and proof that Pakistan is charging less for Petrol but tell how our Govt. compare with all these countries what benefits they are given to their citizen perhaps we Pakistani only dream but never think ever such thing possible in Pakistan.

    If we compare with India where the petrol per ltr sold Rs.110 than in Bombay, India I never saw electricity load shedding or failure. More interesting to share in Bombay electric train runs and more than 75% people from all groups of life’s prefer to travel in train for save of time and money. But unfortunately in Pakistan both these facility available not to the extend up to Indian level.

    Then how we compare with Uk of Japan. What are their source of income and compare with our people than realized what low income in our country as compare to UK or Japan

    In this regard KTI decide to held press conference and put pressure to withdrawn the present increase. Even KCCI also give a strike call on April 5, 2011.

    In last I would say the middle class live become very difficult due to inflation and un-employment and hardly manage to run their kitchen expense but when suddenly rises the petrol prices than directly other commodity prices will increase thus lead to more inflation and those who are poor become more poorer and richer become day by day rickets.

    For God shake withdrew this increase prices with immediate effect if you sincere with people and do not want to give additional burden.

    Thanking You.

    Yours faithfully

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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