Govrnmnts Need To Strt Actin Lik Enough Is Enough W/ Somali Pirates!

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    People of America need to become fed-up with the Somali pirates and call for the American government to use maximum lethal force against them. Yesterday, it was reported the Somali pirates kidnapped a group with three Danish children. Around a week ago they kidnapped and killed four U.S. citizens. The retired British couple that was recently released from Somali pirate captivity looked like they just got out of the worst Nazi concentration camp when they were released. The Somali pirates currently are holding a huge oil tanker they hijacked which was bound for the U.S.. This hijacking, kidnapping and holding for ransom off the Somali coast by Somali pirates has gone on for many years now, how much more does the world have to endure? These Somali pirates behavior justifies killing them and that is what world governments should do to permanently stop this pirate phenomena!

    One may ask where is the moral justification for taking these Somali pirates lives. These Somali pirates actions in hijacking, kidnapping and holding for ransom has caused a total break down in society commerce can't function normally in this area, shippers can't ship goods through this area normally, people can't transit through this area normally, innocent civilians have been sexually abused, assaulted and even killed during this pirate criminal activity in the area. When civilization has so broken down in the extreme as it has in Somalia and authorities have no other option it is not practical to take these pirates into custody in high numbers and criminally prosecute them it is morally just to use lethal force where necessary to reestablish civilization. Moreover, it is just for authorities to use deadly force to stop deadly force (these pirates have killed people in the course of their pirate activities). This Somali pirates through aggression have essentially declared war on good authority in Somali so good people in Somali have a just war defense in taking up arms against Somali pirates and good governments throughout the world can use arms against the Somali pirates as proxies for the good people of Somali utilizing these peoples' moral defense.

    Authorities need to use death and the threat of death against these pirates to the greatest justifiable extent possible to stop these pirates. To that end, authorities need to start planting military teams on ships transiting the Somali coast armed with maximum deadly force weapons to use against pirate ships when they try to hijack the transiting ship. Moreover, America needs to continually have a ship placed off the Somali coast with a Harrier (vertical take-off capacity) plane that can quickly respond when pirates attempt to hijack a ship and this is important once the innocent ship calls that is is being attacked by a Somali pirate ship the Harrier plane races to the scene and not only sinks the pirate ship or ships if there is more than one but also strafes the wreckage with machine gun fire killing all pirates; leave no pirates in the water to be rescued by allied pirates so they can hijack again. This is morally justifiable because this is a war and sometimes it is not possible to take prisoners, suppose a country was in a just war and was about to attack a city and was in the midst of a bombing campaign and an enemy unit, one of many, in the town decided they didn't want to die and radioed on a general frequency they wanted to surrender the attacking army would be fully justified in not stopping the bombing campaign for they have a duty to fight as hard as they can to win the battle and take the town which means not stopping the bombing campaign even though it will result in the death of enemy soldiers that want to surrender.

    If the Somali pirates do succeed in hijacking either a commercial vessel under a U.S. flag or a private boat occupied by Americans, the American government needs to come out with an outstandingly aggressive strategy and make it crystal clear that their will be no benefit to Somali pirates hijacking these U.S. vessels. First, if a U.S. navy vessel can reach the hijacked vessel it should do so and physical stop the hijacked vessels and wait for a SWAT team to arrive that will seek a surrender with the pirates if that can't be achieved than a military rescue will be pursued if all the pirates and kidnapped victims are killed so be it piracy will no longer be tolerated by the American people off the Somali coast. If a Navy vessel can't reach the hijacked vessel before it reaches the coast or can't stop it than the hijacked ship is to be torpedoed with special torpedoes (for commercial vessels it would only have a small charge enough to put a hole in the hull of the ship; for non-commercial ships the torpedo would have no explosive charge but would just physically punch a hole in the hull of the ship); the purpose of the torpedoing of the ship would be to stop its movement until a navy vessel could arrive with a swat team which would either get a surrender or by force retake the hijacked vessel.

    Plus, the American government needs to be utmost aggressive along with being smart with the Somali pirates they capture alive. This is important, leader Somali pirates receive capital punishment for their piracy unless a SWAT teams negotiates a lesser sentence to bring about a surrender of the pirates; non-leader pirates get a sentence of ten years (unless they killed an innocent civilian during the course of the hijacking) America is not going to incur the cost of a long sentence like twenty to twenty-five years against foot soldier pirates who are just peons - punish them enough to create a great deterrent that is it [non-leader pirates caught and convicted for a second time get capital punishment]. Another important feature of the strategy, all pirates need to be tried by a military tribunal, no jury trial no civil justice system with many years of appeals with huge expense tags, expeditious military tribunals where the sentence is carried out within six months from apprehension. We need to make it so that no Somali inclined to piracy with any sense would engage in such activity it wouldn't be worth it.

    The U.S. government needs to be outstandingly aggressive in using lethal force against Somali pirates when the pirates are on shore along the Somali coast. First, if there is a major leader or leaders amongst the Somali pirates using U.S. intelligence services identify these people and kill them just like they do Taliban leaders in western Pakistan. Secondly, when there has been of spate of Somali pirate activity that has caused great harm like there has been of late, the U.S. should bomb the Somali pirate bases along the Somali coast with satellite surveillance the U.S. military and intelligence services must know the location of some of the pirate bases where do the pirate ships come from and where do they return to along the coast - if the U.S. can weaken the Somali pirates militarily this has to help Somali authorities regain control in the area of their country where these Somali pirates operate!
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    What about all the Somali pirates in Americas intercities?
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    China gonna sic their ninjas on `em...
    China calls for attacking pirate bases
    Sun, May 22, 2011 - AVAST! : Moving beyond Beijing’s normal territorial claims, PLA chief of staff Chen Bingde said those funding piracy must be targeted along with rank-and-file brigands
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