Goverment needs to be smarter with N.O.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by rcajun90, Sep 18, 2005.

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    They need to stop dispensing money around here like pez. St. Tammany parish is a very wealthy parish where most of the people here worked in Orleans. I know of very wealthy people that got FEMA aid yet middle class folks and the few poor have got nothing. You have read the other day I was disappointed that FEMA would pay me to have a tree removed that was threatening my house but FEMA said no unless it hit your house. Although I will feel it, I just ate the 600.00 bucks. They need to first build those levees stronger than the Great Wall of China. We need federal money for that. After that, get the Port of Orleans and refineries going. Then give us the money or means to attract new business in the area. Donald Trump already said he is interested in building. What about a Ford or Chevy plant? Then the people can come back and rebuild the city themselves with out spending the billions they are talking about. They will build their own homes and then you will see businesses poping up to support those people. Then tourism which was the number one business in New Orleans before the storm will start to come back. The French Quarter is good shape.

    Also I saw on local news that the Orleans Levee Board was ready to get back in business. Those people were paid nice salaries for over forty years and I don’t know about you but I think they did a poor job and maybe they should even have criminal charges against them. In the 1970’s New Orleans experienced a boom due to oil. We had the money to reinforce the levees ourselves. I wonder where that money went? We need national leaders down here. Not the local politicians. :usa:

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