GOP Tea Party Even Opposes "Wealth Effect" Spending Underway!

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    Senator Durbin, on Sunday, famously noted that finally after a month of debate, a retiring Republican Senator finally departed from the Republican, anti-business philsophy, and voted for the small business program that the House then passed, and which the White House will sign into law, September 27.

    The September stock market prices rising are apparently, then, also not supported by the GOP: Which wants the Stimulus Spending to stop. The Republicans failed at controlling mortgage excesses, leaving millions of households, all wealth-free.

    Now the Republicans are clearly "on the path to a balanced budget" with a $700.0 bil. increase of the federal deficit with a blockade on lower and middle income tax relief, using the $700.bil. gift to the rich, apparently called: "Their Fair Share Of The 'Pain!(?)!'"

    Mainly, Likely the 401k rewarded are feeling the end of at least that part of the Recession. A "Wealth Effect" famously helps increase spending. The Democrats have halted the slide of home prices, starting even to reverse it. Any of that is claimed to be a "failure" by the GOP, most notably last Saturday by Rep. Kevin McCarthy, GOP!

    These are Tea Party addled bunch of folks on a path, out of Virginia, famous for its moonshine!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Lands of Many Nations, Now Safe Havens by Comparison!)
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