GOP Suggests That Rich Should Pay More Of US Revenue

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    Centuries ago, Israel had been twice-conquered by the superior Pantheon Civilizations of Greece and Rome. The Role of the Heavens was not high on any agenda of either. Money and Luxurious living were fairly high on the agenda of both. Many would conclude that Alexander The Great mainly vomited himself to death. Israel would keep the Heavens High on the Agenda. Jesus would oppose the Law of Moses, which was the Law. The rabbis would consider the idolatory of a Live Jew in Heaven: And immediately would set in motion, remedial measures!

    Money was a commodity. Hoarding it created dominance of possessors over the lesser possessing. Then in Matthew 20::1-16, a nowhere famous story is told of a householder who essentially paid labor the same basic salary, regardless if they had worked all the day, or had worked only one hour. The pay was a denarius, a commodity. Then in Matthew 25::14-30, a more famous story is told of a householder who gave one servant five talents, one servant two, and one servant one. The two of them doubled their money at prevailing money-changer rates. The last one was easily not able to do nearly as well, and mainly put the talent in a hole in the ground for safe-keeping.

    And so there is reported the first foreclosure crisis of record. That servant got cast out. The square root of five squared plus the square root of five squared is about seven--the enrichment of the household. Everyone would be set to living unhappily forever. The Pythagoreans were of a foreign religion, of a foreign god. That would be that(?)! The dead would stay dead(?)!

    A Roman-era workday was probably five or six hours. The Pythagorean Theorem can be fit into a rectangle, five on one side, with one denarious perpendicular at each point. A lot of such points could create the five talents. Arithmetic actually could happen!

    Suddenly, a commodity approach to money makes no sense! Since lines have an infinite number of points--a denarius can become five talents--then a Euclidean-basis of credit market creation can be alleged. Money is no longer a commodity, in such a box, but is of sufficiency to be spread around in a market-place! Some will have more. Some will have less. All participants in the market have currency with which to trade and exchange.

    And so in the United States, an "infinite number" is so far about $55.0 tril., the Total Credit Market of the United States. There are lots of little income points, and lots of little perpendicular dots. Still there is a "money-changer" basis of interest and dividends. So clever Obama(?) and Biden(?!) created the "Make Work Pay Refundable Income Tax Credit," which acts like a National Cost of Living Adjustment. Instead of ignoring the left-right diagonal, from bottom to top, or the dots in the upside-down right triangle, They could actually draw a line parallel to the left side of the box, and called it, "$400.00 per person!"

    Going back to the 1986 federal income tax reform, the previous attempt at such a COLA had been the raised and indexed, standard deduction and personal exemptions. Mainly that just threw people off of the tax rolls altogether. So far, the rich had no reason to be alarmed! Europe started to go insolvent--no stable credit market. In the United States, All that anyone had to do next was to index the "Make Work Pay Refundable Income Tax Credit." An eternal purchasing capability in the Total Credit Market would have been created. People with sufficiency would purchase. The same people would be employed for increase of sufficiency. The rich would have sufficiency. The Credit Market would be healthy.

    It would be in the interest of the rich to keep that up! So the losing Republicans, thinking they had won in the midterms: Took the "Refundable Make-Work-Pay Income Tax Credit" away. In the process, they also managed to offend mostly women, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and anyone under 40.

    You never know when someone may soon make sense!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Fairy Tales, May Come True, Some Could Happen To You: Even Miles Apart(?)!)
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