GOP Slash & Burn U. S. A. Agenda Even Loses $1.0 mil In CA 36 Off-Season Ballot

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    Super-Liberal Janice Hahn will be the first of the Los Angeles area liberal dynasty family to hold national office. The Blue Dog Democrats no longer have Rep. Harman. The liberals now have Rep. Hahn!

    Janice Hahn wins hotly contested California race - CTV News

    The father and the brother have also held elected offices, as County Supervisor and Los Angeles City Attorney and Mayor.

    The GOP tried with another Tea-Nut, but GOP Party of Fiscal Irresponsibility--the Old Fat White People, Cavorting About Naked On Other People's Yachts--Dumping Substance And Other Treasure Into The Sea--Is Too Far Out Of Touch With Anything.

    The anti-Credit-Market, anti-Business, Stop-Alll-The-Spending-In-All-Of-The Stores--Republican Party, Right of Conservatives--did not resonate, even in the funny bones.

    Their own people know this, and so it's back to restorative, liberals again: Not opposed having spending customers in the stores! The balanced budget conservatives have mainly managed to get 500,000 state and local government employees laid off in a recession! That is mostly bad for local business owners, hoping that some customers show up.

    Conservative Republicans instead are opposed to having any customers in the stores at all!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!
    (Many in California Come To Lands of Many Nations: Where GOP opposition to spending is not a mainstream idea!)

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