GOP say OB-GYN, John Hopkins, Harvard,Tufts University "not qualified" and he's black

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    Bryant chooses radiologist 'Tad' Barham to serve on Miss. Board of Health through mid-2017 | The Republic

    Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves scuttled Reddix's nomination last week after The Associated Press questioned Reeves about whether Reddix would be confirmed.

    Reeves' spokeswoman said the lieutenant governor had concerns about Reddix's connection to Mississippi's only abortion clinic.

    Tate Reeves blocking nomination because of candidate's ties to abortion clinic |

    "Lt. Gov. Reeves had concerns about the appointment because of (Reddix's) affiliation with the abortion clinic and wanted Gov. Bryant to refer a qualified doctor to guide state health policy," Reeves spokeswoman Laura Hipp said in a statement to AP.

    Reddix, who grew up in Biloxi, earned his medical degree from Tufts University and a master's degree in health policy from Harvard. He did his OB-GYN residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital before returning to Mississippi to practice medicine.
    "My academic pedigree is beyond reproach and second to none," Reddix said.

    Reddix said he has sought to bring attention to infant mortality and chronic health conditions that disproportionately affect Mississippi's poor and African-American residents.
    "Politics is a dirty game," Reddix said. "But I would think that the most important thing that any politician can do is look out for the least of its citizens with every resource available. Unless they can find a candidate at least as qualified as this one, they have done the citizens of Mississippi a disservice."


    Tufts University

    John Hopkins

    Harvard Masters in Public Health


    Replaced by a "radiologist" who seems to know "women's health" better than an OB-GYN.



    NOT Qualified:​


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