Debate Now God’s biblical instructions on the does & don’ts

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    God’s biblical instructions on the does & don’ts

    I created a web link that covers the Lord (God) instructing the Israelite people on how to live their lives. God told them what to do and not to do in the form of a series of verses. Those verses and their intent is covered in this link along with present day actions the Israelite's have done that is in violation to God’s instructions to them.

    It is quite possible that I have misinterpreted the verses I used or the intent which I applied to them. For this reason, I am creating this forum for fellow posters to make comments and suggestions on how I can improve the site either by adding to or substracting from its content. Or just to express your view of the site in general.

    The site address is

    Anyway, I am all ears, good or bad. I am a big boy I can handle it so go for it.
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    You can improve your site by identifying key contextual elements of which readers need to be aware before commencing read your site's content:
    • What be the specific catechismal belief system to which your interpretations apply.
      • Is it a theological belief system of your own creation?
      • Is it an extant theological belief system for which you've provided your own papaphrasings of that system's well understood and agreed upon orthodoxy?
      • Is it an extant theological belief system for which you've provided interpretations that are in part orthodox and part heterodoxical?
        • If parts be heterodoxical/heretical to an extant system's catechism, you should identify where you and it differ.

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