God/David v Baroness/Siren: Capitalism (Apocrypha?)

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    Imagine that God descends to Earth and takes the form of the Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man (a web-soaring urban democracy-defender) to assist the U.S. Navy SEAL named Snake-Eyes on a special mission to the Middle East to determine if the Biblical mysterious/dangerous Harlot of Babylon is working with the terrorist group ISIS and hiding as a Muslim belly-dancer.

    God ('Spider-Man') and our 'David-like human' (Snake-Eyes) believe the Harlot of Babylon is like a 'Baroness' of evil trying to manipulate capitalism turbulence to her evil advantage while camouflaging/masquerading as a Muslim belly-dancer. After all, isn't modern capitalism quite...paranoia-themed?

    This vignette was inspired by the film Syriana, and I wrote it because I'm interested in 'capitalism-demagoguery.' Should we entertain capitalism propaganda in a Christianity-dominated world? That's the question I'm trying to answer here. Hopefully, this vignette addresses our human concerns regarding capitalism folklore (e.g., The Golden Arm).



    As God became Spider-Man and began working with the black-leather clad Snake-Eyes who was infiltrating ISIS in Iran, God/Spider-Man suggested they search for the "Baroness" (the Harlot of Babylon) in various Muslim restaurants and pubs, believing she was hiding in one of them as a 'harmless belly-dancer.' Snake-Eyes mission concerned the security of U.S. forces in the Middle East during the ascension of ISIS. Snake-Eyes and Spider-Man agreed that the Baroness was a perfect 'diplomat' of evil and hence had to be very careful...


    As soon as they spotted the Baroness, they approached her and demanded to debate with her and she agreed as long as she would be allowed to continue entertaining people as a belly-dancer. Snake-Eyes and Spider-Man granted her this strange request, so the Baroness conceded to engaging them in the debate (regarding capitalism values). It was an odd discussion to say the least.

    SNAKE-EYES: Why are you trying to seduce humanity?
    SPIDER-MAN: Are your intentions hostile?
    BARONESS: Mankind is obsessed with capitalism, which is flawed...

    SNAKE-EYES: Are you a morality-punisher?
    BARONESS: I'm merely a messenger...
    SPIDER-MAN: You're a terrorist!

    SNAKE-EYES: What is the greatest flaw in modern capitalism?
    SPIDER-MAN: Are you opposed to the World Bank?
    BARONESS: Wall Street consciousness promotes piracy...

    SNAKE-EYES: So you're merely a 'Devil's Advocate.'
    BARONESS: I simply grease the wheels...
    SPIDER-MAN: I imagine you defy Christians with the notion that lust is 'natural.'

    SNAKE-EYES: Do you seek to use lust to create madness on Earth?
    SPIDER-MAN: If we can prove capitalism is imaginative, will you depart?
    BARONESS: I'll only do belly-dancing if you can indicate a capitalism-imaginative movie.

    SNAKE-EYES: Let's all go watch John Carpenter's Escape from New York (on Netflix).
    BARONESS: That Carpenter film is a nice symbol of the 'anarchy' of urban ambition...
    SPIDER-MAN: Agreed! Carpenter's provided us with a nice image of socialization disarray.

    Snake-Eyes, Spider-Man, and 'Baroness' agreed to watch Escape from New York on Netflix and allow the Baroness to peacefully continue her belly-dancing in Iran. After all, she'd not be hurting anyone or seducing mankind with her ominous/dangerous message about the pure lust of modern capitalism. Snake-Eyes and Spider-Man (God) realized that Baroness (the Harlot of Babylon) was from the underworld and was merely bringing a premonition of the coming of the AntiChrist and not the coming of a global apocalypse necessarily. The Baroness departed from them and returned to her belly-dancing. Snake-Eyes and Spider-Man concluded the Baroness was a true 'siren' of the modern world.


    As Snake-Eyes and Spider-Man returned to American shores, they hypothesized that since the Baroness was signaling the coming of the AntiChrist only, the AntiChrist would appear on Earth in the form of a handsome young American who may be an unruly movie star making symbolic films about modern capitalism excesses such as The Wolf of Wall Street. Spider-Man (God) explained to Snake-Eyes that the "Baroness" (the Harlot of Babylon) was frightening humanity with her eerie omen of lust and how lust was a 'realistic' face of modern capitalism. Spider-Man and Snake-Eyes were relieved that Baroness was now merely a quiet/peaceful belly-dancer and wondered how the pro-capitalism Trump Administration would prepare for a possible manifestation of the politically-incendiary AntiChrist.





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