Go Man, Young West

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    Congressman Allen West and I have mutual friends. When he won election in November 2010, his phone number was given to me by someone who thought I would be a good fit working for him as a writer and spokesman. We had a pleasant conversation and he suggested I send my curriculum vitae to his chief of staff. At the end of the day I held back, leery of being pulled back into a life of hectic schedules marked by frequent crises.

    Now I wonder if I made the right choice, because he needs some sane, loyal defenders in his camp. Instead I guess we have to settle for second best; namely, getting him some sane, loyal defenders outside his camp.

    A little background is in order. The Congressman first came to national attention as Lieutenant Colonoel Allen West. During the Iraq War, the Lieutenant Colonel was questioning a recalcitrant terrorist who was not forthcoming with information about planned attacks in the area. To stimulate the gentleman's recollection, the Lieutenant Colonel was said to have fired his weapon into a metal garbage can to create some cacophonous acoustics. This was not to the taste of some of his more genteel superiors and he was in hot water for a time.

    The American Spectator : Go Man, Young West

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