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    Design for 9/11 site to change
    Tancredo's push sees a victory The plan for a memorial in Pennsylvania drew fire for its use of a crescent. The name will change for sure.
    By Michael Riley
    Denver Post Staff Writer

    An architect's illustration of the plan for a memorial to those killed on Flight 93 shows a crescent of maple trees. Now the National Park Service says the "Crescent of Embrace" name will be changed, and other alterations are likely to follow. (AP)

    Moving quickly to snuff out controversy, the National Park Service on Wednesday said key changes would be made to a proposed 9/11 memorial in Pennsylvania in order to eliminate any association with a crescent - the symbol of Islam.

    Joanne Hanley, the Park Service superintendent for the memorial, said she had full confidence in the way the design was selected - a two-year process - and the result - a sweeping memorial to United Flight 93 that includes an arc of maple trees called the "Crescent of Embrace."

    But in acknowledging growing complaints that the design evokes Islam - the religion of the terrorists who hijacked the plane - Hanley said the memorial's name would be changed and that modifications in the design would be made to squelch a controversy that threatened to "blemish the intent of the memorial," she said.

    "The name change is going to happen," Hanley said. And "as part of the next step of the design process, (architect Paul) Murdoch is exploring architectural refinements" that will modify or eliminate the crescent.

    The controversy began bubbling up in blogs and conservative websites over the past week. Tuesday, Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo sent a letter to the Park Service demanding that the design be changed.

    "This is a victory not for me but for the families of the victims," Tancredo said.

    Critics of the proposed changes point out that family members helped choose the design and say the agency is caving to political pressure.

    "To suggest that these family members who spent hundreds of hours picking a memorial that deals in a very sensitive way with this sacred ground somehow created a memorial designed to honor the murderers of their loved ones is obscene," said Edward Linenthal, a history professor and a member of the federal advisory commission for the memorial.

    "Whether there are changes or not, the reason they are being done is bothersome to me," he said.

    How extensive the changes will be is still unclear.

    Murdoch, whose design was chosen from 1,100 entries, said Wednesday that his goal would be to make changes that would allay critics' concerns while still maintaining the design's original concept - the delineation of sacred ground with a gesture of embrace.

    "It caught us off guard," Murdoch said. "It's very difficult to design anything with this emotional content without some controversy. But the degree to which this particular button has been pushed is very much a surprise.

    "We're finding a form that everyone involved in the selection process has deemed to be appropriate to the place and the event that occurred. I think it's a shame that those qualities are being overlooked and that this memorial is being distorted on a simplistic level," he said.

    But the criticisms have clearly taken their toll.

    Some bloggers have suggested that Murdoch's use of a symbol strongly associated with Islam
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    Gee why a 'fall red crescent' would remind one of Islam, sheesh! Good work for sure.

    Somehow windchimes for each of the passengers fails to bring a real sense of the heroism that took place that day, at least to me. The memorial should be 'real' in the sense of showing courage and selflessness.

    I don't know if I already posted this, but it's relevant:



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