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    Jerome R. Corsi’s article details the mechanics of dealing with the NARA (National Archives and Records Administration). It’s fascinating stuff for everyone who is curious about where the investigation is at today:

    The question is: How many laws were broken, if any, in connection to the missing records? I doubt if anyone who is alive today will live long enough to get the answer.

    Everyone assumes that Hussein was born on August 4, 1961 because that is what they were told by a forged birth certificate. Since the Cold Case Posse is looking into where he was born, logically, the date of his birth must also be suspect. Had he been born weeks before August 4 there is a possibility Hussein’s mother came home by steamship? I do not know if the investigators looked into it? If not, there can’t be more than a handful of ships that fit the time line.

    The real problem is: Freighters arriving from foreign countries docked in numerous ports on the Atlantic seaboard —— assuming she came home via the Atlantic Ocean. If she came home across the Pacific then logically Hawaii is the first port of call; although the few major seaports on the Pacific coast are a possibility.

    The Atlantic Ocean scenario means she could have returned to the mainland by freighter rather than by passenger ship then flew to Hawaii on a domestic flight. Note that American freighters carried 12 passengers in those days; more than 12 required a ship’s doctor. I’m not sure how it was with foreign flag vessels. Still, the number of ships involved can’t be so high the task would be impossible.

    This is what caught my attention:

    Immigration records missing for week of Obama's birth
    Arpaio's team probing possibility president born abroad

    Immigration records missing for week of Obama’s birth

    Irrespective of missing NARA records the investigators should backup one step. In short: Dunham had to get documentation for her baby from a US Embassy in Africa in order to even board a plane or a ship. Those records are controlled by the State Department; ergo, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Lots of luck there.

    Finally, Hussein is an American citizen because his mother was American. If he is confident that that fact alone makes him eligible for the presidency why is there so much secrecy surrounding so much of his life?

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