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    I have these super neighbors. Yesterday they came over and asked do you need any taters. I'm like sure. They grew 768 pounds of taters in their garden this year. They were both beaming as we walked to the back of their pickup. Lonnie is telling me, you can't hardly give potatoes away no one wants them because they have to cook'm. I'm tickled I passed on taters at the store the other day until next week. He is right though how many people actually cook full meals these days. So much preprocessed food out there a lot of people don't fully cook from raw sources.

    Diane is beaming as Lonnie gets the buckets of potatoes from the pickup. She pipes up and says best of all they are GMO free. I'm asking what's that? She says they are real potatoes no genetic modifications. It has been awhile since I considered GMO foods. I did not know that they modified the genes on taters too. Why would they ruin such a perfect food such as potatoes?

    Anyhow we have several boxes of special taters with no pesticides or modifications in our storeroom now. I bet most a y'all don't have such sweet neighbors.


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