GM Brazil Subsidiary 'Safe', For Now, From Detroit Woes

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    ~Why were billions in rescue on th' table for Brazil?..

    "...We are not dependent on the U.S. in any way," said GM's chief executive in Brazil, Jaime Ardila...

    "...'We don't need to tap Detroit for a single dime,' said Jose Carlos Pinheiro Neto, GM's Brazilian vice president...


    "...'If there is ever a problem in the U.S., GM is not going to force cuts in investments in the one part of the world that is making them money,' Ardila said...


    "...'People are starting to make too big a deal out of how GM in the U.S. is going to impact GM in Brazil,' said Andre Beer, former vice president of GM in Brazil and now a consultant in Sao Paulo.

    "'GM is independent from an operational standpoint. It develops its products locally, for a local market, and all of its suppliers are here. Nothing is imported,' Beer said..."

    GM Brazil Subsidiary Safe, For Now, From Detroit Woes

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