Giant lobster landed by boy, 16

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    A 16-year-old boy has caught a giant lobster during a fishing competition off the Kent coast.
    The 11lb 3oz (5kg) crustacean was netted off the coast of Dover by Louie Smith from Deal and experts believe it could be up to 50 years old.

    Louie's father, Brian, said his son was very eager and went fishing at every opportunity he got.

    Jos Wiggins, from the Kent and Essex Sea Fisheries Committee, said the lobster was "exceptionally large".
    Louie did not win first place in the competition because the rules did not allow crustaceans. Instead he came second thanks to landing a big fish.

    Once the lobster was weighed it was returned to the sea.

    BBC NEWS | UK | England | Kent | Giant lobster landed by boy, 16

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