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Discussion in 'Food & Wine' started by Dabs, Aug 11, 2012.

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    Hahahahaha....I love Greek food. There are a couple Greek restaurants around where I love, but I'm sure they compare nothing to the great restautants and cooks in Greece.
    My family heritage is Greek and I like to try anything...but...there are a few things I found I don't like the tasre of.
    But, my favorite food is Gyro...and my favorite dessert is Baklava...omg, so yummy....tons and tons of layers of phyllo dough with chopped nuts and honey drizzle and cinnamon....to die for.
    I had Greek Pizza for lunch, but it was at a pizza place that serves all kinds of pizzas, but I love me some feta cheese.
    But there is a nice little Greek Bakery, and so I stopped in and got me some Baklava :)
    Pics to drool over *smiles*

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