Georgia’s money goes to the Netherlands

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    I will start from afar. Saakashvili’s regime is going to pieces because of his financial machinations. There is no big secret that the Georgian diaspore in Europe have strong positions and the biggest part of its income from illegal activities is being transferred into Georgia via ABN AMRO. I’m working in this bank and I would like to share with you some interesting information. As you might know ABN AMRO is supporting the Netherlands Development Finance Company with its assets, including the program for the Bank of Georgia. ABN AMRO is under control of the international consortium of banks headed by the Royal Bank of Scotland, which demanded to cut down investments into the programs for the developing countries by 70%. As the result the billions of dollars were frozen, including Saakashvili’s money from drug selling, human beings and arms traffic. If you want to return your money you have to prove your trust ability. And now Saakashvili wants to return his billions and that’s his biggest problem and headache. The only reasonable way to do it is to prove to ABN AMRO and its holders that Georgia is a place for the profitable capital investment. Saakashvili started to return the previously taken credits urgently with a huge interest. The old banking fact "to get money you have first to pay" fits here as a fiddle. I have to admit that it’s becoming a real financial disaster for Georgia, because Saakashvili is transferring Georgia’s budget means into the West, but he will spend the returned money (of course if he will return it) on his personal needs. In fact Saakashvili is transferring the money here, into the native land of his wife Sandra Roelofs, who is besides the owner of the bank. What a go-getting family! Excuse me for breaking of the bank secrets, but I couldn’t resist...

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