General Problem With RNC: Socialist Mark 25:10 (KJV, et. al.)

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    It is variously noted that JP Morgan Chase is in charge of over $800 bil., federally insured mega-bucks--which they can get back even when they do their Ivy League best, and lose it all. No one, however, expects that JP Morgan Chase is headed for the Kingdom Of Heaven, in fact: Even anytime soon(?)!

    That was foretold! Mark 25:10 understands about Socialist, market economies. "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

    Socialist Market Economies require a currency. Usually, anymore, that is Socialist-backed through one or another government mechanisms. Banks no longer print their own, then fail and doom even Mormons.

    The $55.0 Tril. U. S. Credit Market is actually not about "austerity," which is hoarding. Technically, there is more than enough to go around. The accounting for it, noting that in fact that is not so: Tends to make entire chunks of it worthless.

    Obama-Biden-Pelosi-Mormon Reid put into place, The Refundable Income Tax, Make-Work-Pay Credit. That would be like providing, "This Day, Our Daily Bread:" A national Cost-Of-Living-Adjustment, equally for all. The amount was at $400.00 per person, regardless if the person had worked all the year or not. Socialist Matthew 20-1-16 is about that.

    It was foretold. In the manner of Israel, variously being thrown out of Israel(?): The Republicans took it away.

    So what does hoarding, like at JP Morgan Chase, mean for the Romneys: No One Asks. The common meaning of austerity is not, "Profligacy," but in fact that is about the hoarding: That is "austerity." The Romneys won't even send the $250.0 mil hoarded off to medical cures research for Multiple Sclerosis. That is about Mom.

    The Money they Hoard stays among the investors, and then is put into the National Debacle of the fixed percentage income raises: Rewarding the rich, and excluding the poor. In the lack of Socialist Regulations, there was the Holocaust of the Third German Republic, The Foreclosure Crisis of the Second Bush Republic(?), and now there is the JP Morgan Chase debacle--Mostly of Republican, Family Values origins. For JP Morgan Chase it is about the bizarre and incompetent. In Romney-Land, It is about the Cocoa Puffs!

    Those are not entirely, socialist values. The right-wing socialists are better regarded more tyrannical autocrats in comparison with the Socialist values, of the type in Mark 10:25. The admonition there, even, is to spread the wealth around. Take all that hast, sell it all off, and spread it all around.

    Europe has known about Christian Social Democrats for decades!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!
    (Hmmm! Many soon come to understand about Reservations(?)!)
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