General Petraeus's Counterinsurgency Manual

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    Pilfered Scholarship Devastates General Petraeus's Counterinsurgency Manual

    * Core Chapter a Morass of "Borrowed" Quotes
    * University of Chicago Press Badly Compromised
    * Counterinsurgency Anthropologist Montgomery McFate's Role Under Attack

    By David Price

    Editors' note: This expose of the stolen scholarship in the Army's new manual on counterinsurgency to which General David Petraeus has attached his name also runs in our current newsletter sent by US mail or as a pdf to our newsletter subscribers. Normally material in our newsletter does not run on the CounterPunch website. In the belief that David Price's story merits the widest and swiftest circulation, not only as regards the "borrowings" from unacknowledged sources but also the prostitution of anthropology in evil military enterprises we re making an exception in this case. AC / JSC

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