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    North Korea's leader Kim Jeong il appointed his youngest son Kim Jeong eun and his sister Kim Kyeong hee as a "General of North Korean military".
    It doesn't make much sense to promote someone as a general of armed forces who has never served in the military.
    North Korea's been retaining and consolidating its dictatorship and autocratic regime for 65years.
    What changes took place in Pyoungyang during the past 65years ?
    Didn't it become a country that is infamous for its worst despotic leadership and human right in the world? If he's a righteous leader with conscience who at least once has thought about his people's agony, he wouldn't have allowed such ridiculous power succession to proceed for three generations.

    Despite of mocking voices from the world, North Korea, awfully blinded by greed for power, carried out its 3 generations power hereditary after all.

    Hardly, anyone believes that North has bright future down the road.

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