Gender Pay Gap?... Not anymore... And the Reasons are Obvious...

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    Carrie Lukas: There Is No Male-Female Wage Gap -

    The way the Left Concludes that Women make Less than Men is the same Dishonest Methodology that has them Concluding that Teachers make so little Money compared to other Fields that require the same Education...

    Major Difference between Men and Women?... Women take time off for Babies...

    Major Difference for Teachers compared to other Educated Careers?... 3 Months off in the Summer, 2 weeks during the Holidays, along with the Standard Gubmn't Holidays and all kinds of other days... And yet they Earn an ANNUAL Salary, free to make even MORE Money while they Collect a check for 3 Months in the Summer.

    Don't even get me Started on the Pension System... Which will have to be Corrected for Future Teachers because it is simply NOT Sustainable.

    Anyway, I would venture to say that Women, when ALL things are Considered, will be Surpassing Men as far as Pay and Positions of Authority in the next 5 to 10 years, just as they have in Enrollment in College.

    It's a good Read...

    I Knew some of these things simply out of Common Sense, but it's good to see Substance that this Woman has put to it.

    And for the Record, my Wife has a Masters in Education, is a Teacher in Public Schools and is a Member of the NEA, CEA and the JCEA...

    A Delegate for 2 of them.

    And a Conservative who knows that even in the Budgetary Times that Jeffco and most of the Country are in, that her Job is WAY More Secure than those who an Education like hers...

    As is her Pension.

    Future Teachers?... Probably not so much.



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