Gaza MPs organize sit-in in solidarity with Jerusalemite officials facing exile

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    GAZA, (PIC)-- The Palestinian legislative council (PLC) and the higher committee to end the siege staged a picket on Tuesday outside the Red Cross headquarters in the Gaza Strip in solidarity with the Jerusalemite officials threatened with expulsion from the holy city.

    First deputy speaker of the PLC Dr. Ahmed Bahar, who participated in the sit-in, deplored the ethnic cleansing campaign waged by Israel against the Palestinian people in Jerusalem, considering that a brazen challenge to international law.

    Dr. Bahar also criticized the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah for its indulgence in peace negotiations with Israel and providing it with a cover for its violations against the holy city and its indigenous people.

    Different speakers also slammed Israel's decision to expel Jerusalemite officials from their native city and said it is part of the Judaization policy aimed at expelling the Palestinians from Jerusalem and changing its Arab identity.

    The Israeli occupation authority had withdrawn the ID cards of four Jerusalemite officials, three lawmakers and one former minister before arresting one of them, MP Mohamed Abu Tir, on a charge of staying illegally in the holy city, while the other three officials resorted to the Red Cross headquarters in the city and staged a sit-in in its courtyard.

    In a new development, the Israeli Magistrates court in Jerusalem extended the detention of Jerusalemite lawmaker Abu Tir until the completion of judicial proceedings against him with the possibility of releasing him if he pledged in writing not to return to his hometown and gave exorbitant financial guarantees.

    Osama Al-Saadi, one of the lawyers defending Abu Tir, said that he and the other lawyers rejected the court's decision because it means approving his expulsion from his native city, adding that they may appeal against the decision in the Israeli central court.

    In a related incident, a number of Israeli intelligence officers escorted by Israeli troops stormed Tuesday afternoon the town of Sur Baher and encircled the house of Jerusalemite lawmaker Ahmed Attoun, one of the Palestinian officials who took refuge in the Red Cross building.

    The officers demanded Attoun's family to pressure him to turn himself in and comply with the exile decision issued against him.

    Gaza MPs organize sit-in in solidarity with Jerusalemite officials facing exile

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