Gaspar Yanga - The First American Liberator

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    6 Interesting Facts About Gaspar Yanga and the Revolt of 1570

    I heard a shockingly honest discussion by so-called "intellectual dark web" folks on a podcast they were having about race, particularly talking about the changing demographics of the country and how afraid they were of losing their way of life.

    I was surprised to hear them admit how important it was to keep animosity between different racial groups, particularly between Hispanics (primarily Mexicans) and blacks because unity among these groups would be detrimental to their way of life. I have seen instances of Hispanics having animosity towards blacks and vice versa and I always thought it was silly -- especially when you think of the story of Gaspar Yanga, if anyone knows his story, then there should never be any animosity between black folks and Hispanics, Why? Because Hispanics, especially Mexicans have more in common with their black brothers and sisters than they may know --

    Gaspar Yanga was the leader of the earliest known slave revolt (Mexico) that resulted in the creation of the first free town for Black people in all of the Americas after the start of the Atlantic Slave Trade. He so defeated the Spaniards back then that they were forced to sit at the table with Yanga and negotiate a peace treaty.

    In 1618, the city of San Lorenzo de los Negros de Cerralvo was establish as an autonomous region for free Blacks -- In 1871, Mexico City Mayor, writer and historian Vicente Riva Palacio proclaimed Yanga a “national hero of Mexico” and El Primer Libertador de las Americas or first American liberator -- the city was renamed Yanga and still stands to this day.
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