Gary Johnson for President 2012

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    Before you go voting for the "lesser of two evils" in Obama or Romney, know that a truly credible and competent candidate exists: Gary Johnson. He is the 2012 Libertarian presidential candidate. Libertarianism is a synthesis of the best parts of Republican and Democrat ideologies. A libertarian is fiscally conservative and socially liberal; this is actually the category most Americans fall under. Most Americans ARE Libertarians, they just don't know it yet. They are largely unaware of this party because of an obvious reason: MONEY. Obama has raised $260 million and Romney has raised $122 million, while Johnson has raised a relatively paltry $100k. Obama and Romney will receive most of their votes not based on their policies or stances on issues, but simply because they had significantly larger campaign funds. (It is quite sad that ads have such a large effect on voters' decisions, but that is a separate issue)

    If Gary Johnson can get into the national televised debates, then it will become glaringly obvious who has the best policies and sharpest intellect. Please give the man the chance he deserves. His name will be on all 50 state ballots, so excluding him from the debates would truly be unjust and unfair.

    If you are as impassioned about Gary Johnson 2012 as I am, then please do everything you can to spread the word.

    You can inform yourself on his policies (which are fantastic btw), donate to his campaign fund, and get involved in his campaign on his website

    You can help him be a part of the National Televised Debates by signing the "Allow Gary Johnson to be part of the Presidential debates" petition on (if you aren't already a member of, I recommend joining. It is THE place to sign petitions on issues you're passionate about and start making change).

    AND by emailing these polls and requesting that they add Gary (in order for him to be eligible for the Presidential Debates, he must get 15% in the polls but that's not possible if he isn't an option in the polls)

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