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Discussion in 'Congress' started by bigdaddygtr, Sep 4, 2008.

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    I'd like to say Thank you to Sara Palin for a variety of things she did last night:

    1) No more kid gloves and worries that Biden may lose people by being to hard on her cause that was a snide, sarcastic, attacking speech given in awhile so thanks

    2) For insulting ALL community organizers saying that they don't have responsibilities (and for you that want to refute that, go read her speech)

    3) For completely opening up the idea that Senate members "don't have ANY executive experience" since ALL McCain has done for 30 years is be in the Senate:badgrin:

    4) For also showing all those Hillary voters that you are not, nor even close, to being Hillary Clinton in ability, intelligence, and speechmaking. Truthfully very few people in America are on Hillary's level so this is not disrespectfully to her, but they are foolishly trying to get Hillary voters and Sara Palin, you are not even close

    I look forward to a great few months for my ticket, Barack Obama and Joe Biden (Wow, I can actually say Barack's name without saying his middle name which the racist part of the right wing can't)

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