Gallup: Obama Approval Rating Headed In The Liberal Direction!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mascale, May 10, 2012.

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    The Great Socialist Victories in Europe, opposed to "austerity"--which is actually "Hoarding" by The Rich--have further been reaching into the Independent Voters in the USA. The Gallup Approval Ratings for Obama are trending up, and among Independents.

    Obama Averages 47% Job Approval in April

    The Ivy League famously took a mega-chunk of the Stimulus Credit-Money and gave it to their new One Percent--the Teachers and the Bureaucrats who caused the actual downturn in the first place. The Republicans had previously taken a mega-chunk of the federal deficit Credit-Money, and sent it to their version of the One Percent: The bankers. Therein was clearly shown the Republican meaning of "Austerity."

    Anyone notices that the more traditional concept of "hoarding" is more like that latter version of The One Percent. The Rich get Richer, the Poor Get Poorer, and the Financial Houses of that One Percent come tumbling on down. Republicans in Government, then send them mega-billions. The lesser known version is to send Credit-Money to the teachers and the bureaucrats, and in that manner create no new tax base for state and local government(?).

    In that version, mainly the lay-offs at the state and local government levels commence, and continue big-time, month after month. The phenomena--Ivy League and GOP--are the same. Governor Romney has two of their degrees to show for it.

    The computing trick applicable to both versions applies, and in both versions, is the fixed percentage pay boost. University of California used to be so proud of their version, too: That they published the fixed percentage raises and COLA's on the state's budget pages. A UC Professor, at $225,000 per year: Was deemed to be in need of a "Cost-Of-Living-Adjustment!"

    General Systems Theory was working, which further relies on the famous concept of "zero:" Which mostly ancients knew nothing about. (Stupid Ancients(?)!)

    The Indpendent Voters seem to have been able to rediscover "zero" on their own. Zero is a goal of the Republican National Commitee, called: "No More Spending! No More Taxing! No More Credit Rating! No More Capture of International Thugs And Fanatics!

    Apparently there aren't enough of those kinds: For RNC to spread around, among all peoples.

    Which is likely why Romney wants to take the so much credit for inventing, "Cocoa Puffs,"
    at General Motors!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken Not Stirred!"
    (Soon the college admissions process, will be winding down. Millions will have their own reservations for more exploding, student loan indebtedness: Aka, Credit-Money! (Stupid Modern Students(?)! Hmmmm! Getting Hard to Tell Many Worldwide apart!)
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    ....And, we can be sure that FULL Civil-Rights $PENDING will be more active.....


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